Berton Coffin, 1910-1987
Historical Background

1.  Pier Francesco Tosi: Observations on the Florid Song
2.  Giambattista Mancini:  Practical Reflections on the Figurative Art of Singing
3.  Manuel Garcia I:  Exercises and Method for Singing
4.  Manuel Garcia II:  Memoire on the Human Voice
5.  Manuel Garcia II:  New Treatise on the Art of Singing
6.  Matilde Marchesi:  Theoretical and Practical Vocal Meethod and Ten Singing Lessons
7.  Lulius Stockhausen: Method of Singing
8. Enrico Delle Seidie:  Esthetics of the Art of Singing and of the Melodrama
9.  Emma Seiler:  The Voice in Singing
10.  Francesco Lamperti:  A Treatise on the Art of Singing
11. Giovanni Battista Lamperti:  The Technics of Bel Canto
12.  William Shakespeare:  The Art of Singing (Part I)
13.  William Shakespeare:  The Art of Singing (Part II)
14.  Herbert Witherspoon: Singing
15. William Earl Brown:  Vocal Wisdom: Maxims of G.B. Lamperti
16.  Margaret Chapman Byers:  “Sbriglia’s Method of Singing”
17.  William Johnstone-Douglas:  “The Teaching of Jean de Reszke”
18.  Lilli Lehmann:  How to Sing

Appendix A:  The Relationship of the Breath, Phonation, ands Resonance in Singing
Appendix B:  A Recommendation for the Correction of Pich Involving Performances of Singers in Opera, Oratorio, and Choral Music of the Baroque-Classic Period, 1620-1820 (American Academy of Reachers of Singing)
Appendix C:  The Tonal Art of Singing
Appendix D:  The Instrumental Resonance of the Singing Voice
Appendix E:  The Relationship of Phonation and Resonation
Appendix F:  Articulation for Opera, Oratorio, and Recital
Appendix G:  From the President
Appendix H:  The Singer’s Diction
Appendix I:  Remembering Berton Coffin (Jerome Pruett)
Appendix J: Biography of Berton Coffin (Mildred W. Coffin)
Appendix K: Delle Seidie’s Modifications of the French A in the Modulated Voice of Singing
Bibliography: Published Books and Articles by Berton Coffin